Great news: Alvaro Rodriguez at the LA screening event!

The amazing screenwriter and wonderful friend Alvaro Rodriguez will present “Trees that Walk” at the next Sunday Event in Los Angeles.

We can’t wait to see him and to listen to his “trees” stories…

Alvaro Rodriguez and Erri De LucaAlvaro Rodriguez and Erri De Luca

American Documentary Film Festival Palm Springs

Trees that walk in Palm Springs!

Sunday, March 29, 11 am, Camelot Theatres

This stunning observation recounts the life of trees and their deep relationship with people who work hard every day to give wood a second life as it becomes the main material for things like boats and musical instruments.  Trees are different from people as they die where they are born, but they ultimately have a second life as soon as the sap stops flowing.!official-selections-s-z/c1glf