about the Director

Mattia Colombo was born in 1982. After receiving his degree from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, he attended a master’s program for directing documentaries at the IED in Venice, supervised by the filmmakers Silvio Soldini, Bruno Oliviero, Alessandro Rossetto, and Leonardo Di Costanzo. While there, he completed his first short documentary film, Il Velo, a magical story about a small community of nuns that was selected for competition in various international festivals, including Visions du Réel (Nyon), EIFF (Edinburgh International Film Festival), AFI Silverdocs Discovery (Washington), Dialektus Film Festival (Budapest), and XI Circuito Off (Venice), where it won the prize for Best Short as well as the RTP2 – Onda Curta Award.

Il Pensiero della mano is a visual poem about the life navigated by artisanal workers, and about the passion and future of work; it was completed under the supervision of the filmmakers Silvio Soldini and Bruno Oliviero to be presented at the Festival of Design in Milan.

Il Desiderio is an experiment and a proof of resilience: it was conceived, filmed, and edited in five days in the mountains of Italy’s Basilicata region, together with the filmmaker Michelangelo Frammartino, during an international workshop.

Colombo is currently finishing his first feature-length documentary, co-directed together with Alessandra Locatelli and Francesco Ferri, entitled Il Passo (the film was a finalist for the Premio Corso Salani and was selected for the Rough Cut Lab at the Visions du Reel Festival 2012). He is in post-production with two films: the documentary Voglio dormire con te (winner of the Filmmaker competition and of the Premio Corso Salani 2014, a finalist for the Premio Solinas 2013, and selected for the Périphérie Cineastes en Résidence à Paris), an Italo-French co-production with the support of CNC, Procirep, and the Lombardia Film Commission, as well as Alberi che camminano, “Trees that Walk”.

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