Paola Porrini Bisson e Mauro Calevi present


based on an original idea from Erri De Luca,

written by Erri De Luca e Mattia Colombo,

directed by Mattia Colombo.

An OH!PEN Italia srl production, in association with TASCI SRL (Montura),  SEAGULL SRL, PLURAL AGENCY, in cooperation with  ASSOCIAZIONE UP and with the support of  TRENTINO FILM COMMISSION,  APULIA FILM COMMISSION

Italian Video Distribution  Giangiacomo Feltrinelli editore

Year                        2014, Italy

Length                     min.             58:48


ITALY › Rome

 OH!PEN Italia s.r.l.
Via Tirso, 26
00198 Rome (Italy)

USA › Laguna Beach (CA)

1215 La Mirada Street
Laguna Beach
Ca 92651

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