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Programmer’s Notes:Unknown-2

It’s difficult to describe a film like Trees That Walk without using adjectives like ‘meditative’, ‘thoughtful’ and ‘intricate’. But this film is so much more than that. Based on an idea from Italian writer Erri De Luca, Trees That Walk is about the life and death of trees, their purpose and importance in the world around us and how the cycle of a tree’s life mirrors, in many ways, the cycle of human existence. That probably sounds like a lot of weighty ideas for a film that runs under an hour, but Trees That Walk knows what it wants to do and wastes zero time as it moves us from the forest to the workshop, from open sea to the concert hall. Director Mattia Colombo takes such a simple concept but uses a broad canvas to help us understand the deep connection between man and nature and how that connection can lead to beautiful and important things. Describing Trees That Walk is difficult but not impossible. I would say it’s as if Terrence Malick decided to make a documentary about trees but enlisted Werner Herzog to co-direct it with him. It’s a lush, gorgeous, unexpected and inspiring piece of cinema. – Billy Ray Brewton, Programmer

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